Speaker and Seminar Lineup for the 2018 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

Friday June 8

2-3pm: Butch Peel & David Thiel on the "Making of Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball" The inside scoop from the people who helped design Jersey Jack Pinball's latest game!

3:30-4:30pm Dave Okert & David Shoemaker "LED vs. Incandescent Bulbs - Learn the difference!" Everything you want to know about game lighting!

5-6pm Rich Lint & Kendra Smith from This Old Game "Reproduction Art - Buyer Beware!" A look into the world of reproduction pinball and arcade artwork and what to look for when restoring your games from two people that have been reproducing artwork for a very long time.

7-8pm Clash of Champions! ROBERT VS RAYMOND! hosted by Chase Nunes of GeekGamer.TV and Ashley Weaver

Raymond Davidson, a Washington State native and reigning IFPA World and US National Champion is going head-to-head against Robert Gagno, a British Columbia native, 2016 PAPA World Champion, and player portrayed in the documentary, Wizard Mode by Salazar Film. Raymond and Robert will be going up against each other for the biggest cash prize of them all - one dollar! Which will go to the winner of a special challenge played during the seminar. During the clash, host and Pinball Broadcaster, Chase Nunes and his co-host, Ashley Weaver, will also be asking them to explain what's going through their mind as they play, their strategy…..all while they chat with the host and audience! We will be taking questions during the seminar as well! So please join us for this entertaining, educational and competitive hour of pinball wizardry and of course meeting two of the best players in the entire world - who just happen to live and play alongside us in the Pacific Northwest!

Saturday June 9

12:30-1:30pm Dave Okert, David Shoemaker & Victor Tan dive into "Williams WPC Basics" All three have great insight on Williams pinball games with years of collecting and repair experience to share with you.

2-3:00pm Dave Okert & David Shoemaker "WPC GI Problems - How to Save That Expensive Board" Dave and David dive into general illumination lighting problems on the most popular pinball games from the 90s, William's WPCs.

3-4:30pm Greg Freres may be the most celebrated pinball artist of all time! He designed this year's poster and is the artist behind games like Medieval Madness, Scared Stiff, The Walking Dead, Wizard of Oz, Revenge from Mars, Monster Bash, Fathom, Doctor Dude, Star Trek the Next Generation and many more! Come hear Greg talk about "Pinball Art: A Forty Year Perspective".

5-6:00pm Ever want to start collecting pinball and arcade games? Brian Cady & a number of other local collectors will bring their popular panel discussion from Emerald City Comicon to this year's show about "Getting Into The Hobby."

8pm-9:30pm Dwight Sullivan & Corey Stup invite you to come play "The Feud Without The Family” and win prizes! Sullivan is one of today's pinball scene's top software designers, he's the man behind the new Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Stern's Pirate of the Caribbean and more. He's joined by fellow Stern software designer Corey Stup, who also helped with Ghostbusters and Star Wars, for what promises to be a hilarious event with prizes that's nothing like your typical pinball convention talk!

Sunday June 10

1-2:00pm Closing Ceremony for the 2018 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show. Meet the board and our president, meet this year's scholarship winner, presentation of this year's awards, and recognition for all the volunteers, sponsors and participants that made this year's show happen!