We are sure you were expecting this... the 2021 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show is cancelled. With the current ban on large events at this point in the pandemic, the Greater Tacoma Convention Center remains closed to public events.

In the meantime, we urge you to support local arcades, pinball leagues, game vendors, and other pinball and arcade related businesses and organizations as things start opening up! Thank you for your continued support. We do the show for you and we hope our pinball and arcade community is getting through these tough times OK!

The Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show family is mourning the loss of our friend Chris Walsh. Chris was a show founder and has been the driving force behind the show and the organizations charitable goals from the beginning.

Chris, along with his wife Carol and their daughters worked in every area of the show including group leadership, finances, registration, game transportation, vendor negotiations, providing games, printing all banners, promoting the event, and generally doing whatever needed to be done. Chris was also the person who could help resolve any issue, no matter how complex. It is not an exaggeration to say that without Chris, there would never have been a Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show in the first place, and without the continued support of Chris and Carol, the show would not have been able to survive those early years.

R.I.P. Chris Walsh

Chris will be missed by everyone in the group and by all the volunteers, vendors, show attendees and pinball industry dignitaries who he worked with over the years. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chris, Carol and their entire family.