Pinball and arcade collectors, we need your help! This show is for our community and we need your community support for it by bringing games!

If you volunteer 3 or more games we can pick them up from your house. Games going on the trucks will get an extra moving blanket for added protection. While it's pretty rare, if any damage happens to a game, the show absolutely will compensate you for it.

If you prefer email your game list or have a problem with the form, Toby is your guy, he maintains the game list and you can email him at: games@nwpinballshow.com

The incentives for self-transported games:

  • 1-2 Machines = 1 weekend pass, 5 $1 raffle tickets
  • 3-4 Machines = 2 weekend passes, 5 $1 raffle tickets
  • 5-9 Machines = 4 weekend passes, a tshirt, 10 $1 raffle tickets, 1 $20 raffle ticket (New Stern Pinball Machine)
  • 10+ Machines = We would like to know what you would like + a $50 gift certificate to any Show vendor!

The incentives for games we transport:

  • 3 Machines (minimum) = 1 weekend pass, 5 $1 raffle tickets
  • 4-7 Machines = 2 weekend passes, 10 $1 raffle tickets
  • 8-12 Machines = 4 weekend passes, a tshirt, 10 $1 raffle tickets
  • 13+ Machines = We would like to know what you would like. + a $50 gift certificate to any Show vendor!

Thanks everyone! Please volunteer games and make this year's show awesome!

-The NW Pinball & Arcade Show board and the 100+ volunteers that make this show happen!

Important Safety Information for Game Volunteers

If you are bringing games to the show, please read this Arcade Game Electrical Safety Testing information. Thank you Matt Sell for putting together this information!

Fill out the form below if you would like to submit games for inclusion in the NW Pinball and Arcade Show.

Contact Information


Enter the games you would like to bring to the show below. To aid us in identifying you game, please also include a link to your game from http://www.klov.com or http://www.ipdb.org in the space provided. If you need more space for games, please submit the form a second time. Thank you.

The NWPAS appreciates the use of your games for the show. Please be assured that every effort will be made to return the games in the condition they were received. If something does get broken or damaged, let us know so we can make it right by repairing or replacing broken/damaged parts.

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Game Transportation

If you cannot transport your games to the show yourself, a game pick-up address is required.

Can you transport your own game(s)?
  •    Yes, I can transport my own games to and from the show.
  •    No, I cannot transport my own games and would require pick-up.
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